Teenage Depression – Test May Prove Useful in Diagnosis

Teenage Depression TestFor years, the classic teenage depression test has relied heavily upon using a checklist format to screen for depression symptoms.

Now, thanks to the latest advances in research, we may have another effective tool available: a blood test that shows great promise in screening for depression in teens. Medical researchers at Northwestern University have announced the development of a laboratory test designed to measure certain genetic markers that can be found in the blood of depressed teenagers.

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Facebook and Depression in Teenagers – Know the Risks

Teenage DepressionHow powerful is the link between social media and depression in teenagers? Most of us have at least heard stories about the potentially devastating effects of internet bullying (known as cyberbullying) and abusive text messaging.

But what if there’s no abusive or threatening behavior going on? What if our teens are simply engaging in the use of social media? Can even “casual” use of social media lead to problems with teenage depression?

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Adolescent Depression Treatments May Include Virtual Humans

Depression Treatments May Include Virtual HumansDepression treatments of the future may include “virtual humans” that are specially designed for interactive role-playing with adolescents and adults.

InnovationNewsDaily writer Charles Q. Choi of offers a glimpse of this upcoming technology. He also describes how this virtual approach to to learning interpersonal skills is expected to help prevent depression, as well as potentially serving to treat depression. Researchers are optimistic about the potential benefits of learning and practicing social skills in a virtual environment–especially where children are concerned. (Mr. Choi’s original article can be viewed here.) Read more »

Vitamin D May Reduce Likelihood of Depression in Children

Teenage DepressionParents, when you send your kids outside to play, you may be even wiser than you realized–a recent study suggests that Vitamin D may decrease the risk of depression in children. The study also revealed that teenage depression is less likely to occur in children who have adequate Vitamin D in their early years.

Vitamin D is produced by our bodies when our skin is exposed to sunlight. As reported by IndianExpress.com, researchers in Bristol, UK have discovered a possible link between depression in teenagers who had low levels of Vitamin D during their childhood years . (You can take a look at the original article here.) Read more »

Depression and Teenagers – Does Sleep Matter?

Teenage DepressionLooking at the link between depression and teenagers, one of the most common questions is this:

What causes teenage depression?

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What is Teenage Depression?

Teenage DepressionExactly what is teenage depression?

Is it a period of extended moodiness, or a “sad phase” that just needs some time in order for it to pass? Or maybe it’s just a hormonal thing?

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Teenage Depression Symptoms May Include School Absenteeism

Teenage DepressionResearch suggests that teenage depression symptoms can include frequent absences from school.

On the flip side, frequent absenteeism from school may also be a cause of teenage depression.

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Battling Teenage Depression – Medication Isn’t Always the Best Answer

Teenage DepressionAlthough antidepressants are a blessing for some people, when treating teenage depression, medication may not always be the best approach.

In a helpful article presented on FoxNews.com, Dr. Keith Ablow–a psychiatrist–discusses a medical study that suggested some depressed patients may have been better off taking sugar pills instead of antidepressants. Although this study doesn’t focus specifically on teens and depression, what researchers learned can be applied to any age group. Take a look at what he found: Read more »

Similarities in Treatment for Teenage Depression and Binge Eating

Teenage DepressionThe treatment for teenage depression and binge eating is similar, according to research. There may also be a link between the two conditions.

If you think your teen may be developing patterns of binge-eating, there might also be a risk for depression developing. Recognizing the signs of teenage depression may be the first step to helping your child, friend or loved one get help. WebMD author Denise Mann shares with us what to look for, and what steps we can take to make sure we recognize the signs that may tell us our are teens are struggling:

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Teasing of Overweight Kids Included Among Causes of Teenage Depression

Causes of teenage depression may include teasing endured by kids who have suffered or do suffer from childhood obesity.

As painful as this teasing is for the kids to endure, it’s also devastating for parents to watch their kids going through it. Here’s a look at some of the ways we can help, from an article from Sheah Rarback featured on MiamiHerald.com:

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